Top 5 Tips For Using Clashing Colors In Your Home

Color away!

Thinking of ways to redecorate homes consider using bolder splashes of color? While there are a variety of ways to decorate homes, most people use subdued standard color schemes which border on the muted tones and hues. They are pleasant to look at, but often lacking in eye-catching appeal. Now if you’re one of those who would love your house to have as bold a personality as yourself, incorporating a canopy of bright colors is not only an inexpensive way of updating rooms, but it also transforms your rooms from drab and lifeless forms into exciting and contemporary examples of your hidden zany self!

Traditional design patterns have often included safe colors, such as heavy use of earth tones, and other complementary colors found on a standard color wheel. More contemporary designs seem to break the rules by using both soft and bold together, and even using clashing colors to create a sophisticated mix of elegance and action. Clashing colors are easy to use once homeowners understand how to use color to brighten up rooms, and create color that easily flows and moves throughout the rooms.

The first thing to consider is the tone of color. It’s best to mix colors in a room that are equal in tone strength. Understanding from the beginning that using opposites is not only about creating a statement, but also creates color that easily flows with the rest of the room. Incorporating color in this way helps avoid a messy look.

Also consider the hues in the room. Use clashing colors like the ones in the Clash of Clans game, with more traditional colors throughout the room creates consistency, and a design that easily flows together. Using colors such as pinks and orange can easily create a beautiful mix if both colors are equally used. For instance, pink and orange throw pillows do a nice job of incorporating both colors, as do blankets and pillow covers. Even accessories, such as lamps and lamp shades, with white furniture, or against white walls, establish a splash of the modern, with the more traditional look.

It’s also possible to add a hint of sophistication by using strong colors with accents of metallic. Silver or gold add balance, as well as style to a room. With bold colors metallic works well to even out the strong tones. Using silver or gold on the legs of furniture, on lamp stands, in wall hangings, and other accessories, adds beauty and a touch of elegance to any room.

To allow a fresh, modern, easily flowing look keep walls traditional colors, such as white, beige, and lighter shades. Reserve use of strong colors in furniture, or throw pillows, and other accessories. Using bright colors on walls often results in the room feeling too small, whereas light colors open the room up.

Also keep in mind with clashing colors the 60/30/10 rule. This means its best to use only three colors, and disperse them well throughout homes and rooms. This creates balance, and prevents clashing colors from creating chaos. The goal in using these colors is to create a type of color perfection. The result should be color that flows with artistry, and balance. All use of color should seem intentional, and well thought out. It should be perfectly placed, and easily flowing with all other room colors.

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