Simple Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day Better

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling great only to be ruined by the slightest mishap that you encountered? Well, you are not alone. There are many small things in life that brought us inconvenience and frustration that will make us think twice that if only we knew how to solve that simple problem, maybe life will be easier and better for us. Do not worry because we made it easier for you to solve your problems quickly and bring an end to your woes and frustrations. In this article, we have compiled a great list of the simplest life hacks that will get you through the day hassle-free. Take note of these simple hacks because you will never know when you might need this.


Recover your Word document


All is nice and great when you are almost done with your thesis or important report that you have worked on for days. You have been working on that file that you need to submit before the deadline when suddenly luck decided to play on you – the Word document crashed and you are left with a file that is missing most of what you’ve worked for. Well, don’t panic because you can still recover your file with this simple trick. Depending on the location that you have saved your file, you will see an .asd file that you can open to automatically recover that your files. Just be sure to save your work after you did so.


Dry Your Phone


When you go for a swim, always make sure that your phone does not swim with you. Many phones are not built with protective features such as waterproofing or even water resistance. If all things go south and your phone took a deep dive into the waters, do not despair and look for a replacement because you can still save your device from demise with the use of a bag of rice. Put your phone into a bag of rice and leave it there for a couple of days to let it dry.


Light Up the Room with a Crayon


Stuck in a power outage with no candles in sight? A crayon will do! Crayons are made of wax which is the same material that candles are also made of. A single crayon can light up the room for about 30 minutes, just enough for the power to come back again.


We hope that these simple things will help you when you are faced with some unfortunate situations. Want more? Check these 12 life hacks for more tips and tricks that will help you.