How To Live (Hack) The Green Life

Granted, you must be thinking – how is living the green life a life hack? Well, unless the earth becomes uninhabitable, that is the biggest life hack we ought to be working together towards – except that it’s not a fast-result producing hack. Let me introduce you to the green life and movement.

The green movement has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. More and more people are learning to live harmoniously with this wonderful place we call Earth. Living green isn’t just about protecting the environment, however. Cutting down on electricity usage, oil consumption and reducing overall carbon footprints can save a lot of money. Keeping this in mind, there are numerous ways to live green while saving the green in your wallet.

  • Alternative Transportation – This is probably the most obvious way to live green. Alternative transportation can include anything from bicycling to mass transit. Even when you can’t completely avoid driving a vehicle, new technology in automobiles allows for efficient use of gasoline or the utilization of alternative fuel sources and even battery power. The money saved with these types of transportation makes the investment worthwhile.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – This is the mantra we learned as kids. Nowadays, however, it’s easier to follow these green living guidelines than it ever was in the 20th century. In most towns and cities across the country, local governments and associations are making it simple to recycle everything from bottles, papers and bags to electronics, clothes and furniture. More and more, businesses are providing products made from recycled material, and there are countless ways to buy used items. Following the three R’s is easier than ever. 
  • Use Reusable – The simple act of bringing your own bags to the grocery store can have a major impact. If you think about how many plastic bags leave a single store every day, the reason is obvious. But there are far more ways than reusable bags to live green. Any container that can be cleaned and used again is perfect for this green living tip. Lunch boxes, drinking cups and packaging that can be reused will not only help the environment but also save a lot of money in the long run.


  • Green Products – Businesses are providing consumers with more green products than ever before. New synthetic chemicals and old formulas are being produced with the environment in mind. Up until recently, these products were more expensive than their counterparts. But with new advances, the cost effectiveness of using green products has been normalized. You can search for green products with keyword tools that really hone hone in on the requirement you need.


  • Unplug – Turning off modern-day appliances isn’t enough. For example, a phone charger left in the wall will still draw a small amount of electricity. Unplugging everything from washers and dryers to TVs and stereos will drastically reduce your electrical usage. The benefits to your wallet are obvious and need no explanation.


  • Light bulbs – This is a commonly overlooked way to go green and save money. Modern, low-watt bulbs are vastly superior to conventional bulbs. Replacing all the lights in your home with these energy efficient substitutes can help the environment and keep your wallet fat.

Living the green life is a great way to help our planet. As more and more people become conscious of this fact, the resulting change will have a huge impact on the health of our environment and society. The great thing about green living is that most the time you’ll see the positive effect in your wallet, too.